Anna - almond cinnamon thins
Anna - Ginger thins
Anna's - Almond thins
Bahlsen - butter leaves
Bahlsen - delice
Bahlsen - Afrika dark
Bahlsen - Nuss dessert
Bahlsen - Kipferl
Walkers - pure butter chocolate chip short bread
Walkers - Short bread rounds
Walkers - pure butter short breads
Walkers - Stem ginger biscuits
Walkers - assorted shortbreads
Carr's - ginger lemon cremes
Carr's - whole wheat crackers
Carr's - table water crackers
Carr's - table water crackers with cracked peppers
Wasa - light rye crisp bread
Wasa - Multigrain crisp bread
Wasa - Hearty crisp bread
Loacker - Quaaratini coconut
Loacker - Quaaratini lemon
loacker - sandwich chocolate
loacker - sandwich hazelnut
loacker - sandwich milk vanilla
Pocky - strawberry creme coverd biscuit sticks
Pocky - chocolate coverd creme biscuit sticks
pocky - almond crush coverd chocolate biscuit sticks
Goteborgs - singoalla lemon lime filling with vanilla flavor
loacker - bite size vanilla wafer cookies
Quadratini- Almond
Kinder - Happy Hippo cocoa cream
Kinder - Milk & chocolate
Kinder - Milk & Hazelnut
Hanuta - Haselnuss - Schnitte
Manner - Lemon cream filled wafer
Manner - Hazelnut cream filled wafer
Ghirardeli - Dark & caramel 60% cacao
Ghirardeli - Milk & caramel
ghirardeli - Dark & Mint
Lindt - Pistachio
Swiss milk chocolate with whole pistachio nuts in almond filling
Lindt - Orange
Swiss milk chocolate with orange filling
Green & Black - Organic Almond
Milk chocolate with whole roasted almond for full nutty flavor 37% cocoa content
ghirardeli - Extra bittersweet chocolate 70% cocao
Lindt - Milk chocolate
finest creamy smooth milk chocolate
Green & Blacks - Organic milk chocolate
made with fine trinitario cocoa beans for a rich taste 34% cocoa content
Guylian - Milk
Belgian chocolate, no sugar added
Chocolove - Hazelnut
Hazelnut in milk chocolate 33% cocoa content
Chocolove - Toffee
Toffee & almond in milk chocolate 33% cocoa content
Lindt - Extra dark
full bodied cocoa flavor 85% cocoa
Lindt - Raspberry
milk chocolate with liquid raspberry filling
Manner - Chocolate cream filled wafer
Toblerone - Dark Chocolate
Swiss dark chocolate with honey & almond nougat
Toblerone - White chocolate
Swiss white chocolate with honey & almond nougat
toblerone - Milk chocolate
Swiss milk chocolate with honey & almond nougat
Ritter - Milk chocolate with whole hazelnuts
Fine quality european chocolate made with natural ingredient
Ritter - Milk chocolate with butter biscuitt
fine european chocolate made with natural ingredients
Ritter - Dark chocolate with marzipan
made with 100% finest marzipan
Ritter - Alpine milk chocolate
made with 100% milk from the alps 30% cocoa
Ritter - Milk chocolate with cornflakes
with crispy crunchy cornflakes
ritter - White chocolate with whole hazelnuts
Ritter - Milk chocolate with whole almonds
with almonds grown in the california sunshine
Ritter - Milk chocolate with raisin & hazelnuts
with sun ripend california raisins
Ritter - Dark chocolate
50% cocoa
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